Back in black: A cheaper way to simulate gloss and dull varnish over black

As you know if you’ve ever done pro-bono work, there isn’t money to burn. The whole goal is to get as much for your money as possible, and spending money on printing usually isn’t high on their list of necessities. So, when I realized that there wasn’t enough money in the budget to add a varnish, the printer had a solution.

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A glimpse of ‘Helvetica’

The movie starts by illustrating how prevalent the typeface Helvetica is in our surroundings. So much so, some argue that it has almost become generic.

Starting a graphic design business with SCORE, SBA, Microsoft, Adobe and more

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The anatomy of type

Axis of stress
The direction of an implied line that passes through the thin parts of the round letter shapes

The implied line on which most type characters rest

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Blocked up: Dealing with writers block

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How to make the most of your money

I have repeatedly said that you have to be prudent in these economic times, but have to continue to spend money on your printed advertising. …