The importance of keywords in post titles

seoThere are two camps on this topic. One believes that keywords are all important. Why bother writing if people can’t find your blog to read …

10 things to include in your graphic design proposal

Look around the web for information on what to include in your graphic design proposal, and you’ll come across things such as “executive summary,” “current …

Top 5 essential steps to good brochure design

As we all know, designing a brochure can sometimes be like trying to hit the ducks with a poorly aimed toy gun as they file by on a mid-way carnival game. Moving targets are always harder to nail down. With a little planning up front, you can get a bull’s eye every time.

Best free Drupal themes

I write a lot about content management systems, probably Joomla! more than others. But by far my favorite CMS is Drupal. The system is powerful, …

A good impression by design: Envelopes

The name of the game here is presentation. What you are really designing is packaging. How do you make your envelope stand out in a pile of mail?

A good impression by design: Letterhead

Many times letterhead is the first contact that your audience gets or possibly the only contact that they have with your company. Therefore, your letterhead has got to communicate your product or service, company name and a bit of your personality. It should be simple, but yet unique.

The scoop – how to get free press

reading-newspaper-in-waterWhen it comes to business, free press is golden. Here are a few ways to convince reporters and editors you’re worth the column inches:


Productivity software for graphic designers

hard-work-signProductivity software is generally described as software that makes businesses (or people) more productive. Simple and self-explanatory. But each niche profession (or personality) has a …

Shameless marketing tactics and why you should use them

jokerWhat comes to mind when you think of shameless marketing? Do you conjure images of imitation Rolex salesmen or bizarre publicity stunts? If so, you’re …