8 Tips For A User Friendly Website

You can put together the best website anyone has ever seen, but if it is not user friendly it will never be effective or convert …

Three steps to a great speech

give-a-great-speechWhether you speak for a living or just have to deliver a single presentation, you know that pressure to give a great speech can be …

What to look for when checking color proofs

The great thing about today’s office color printers is that it is inexpensive to get printouts at any stage of the design process. As you get close the completion of your project it’s important to print out your project and mock it up to check for color quality and content, plus technical factors.

I just graduated! Now what? 3 tips for recent grads

1. Build your portfolio
This will be your No. 1 seller. In the graphic design market, people are most concerned with your skill level.

Showing …

Starting a home-based business

Starting your own business can be quite a headache. So many things need your immediate attention.

The main driving factor right now is that most …

Creepy ads – do they work?

creepy-soap-adEver see an advertisement that really creeped you out? You have to wonder if the shock value of a creepy ad outweighs the repulsive reflex …

Type: the forgotten graphic image

On your next project try this experiment. Try limiting yourself to only type. Yes, type for your headline and body copy, of course, but also for your image.

What dogs can teach you about business

dogMy family has a dog, a haphazard mix of breeds that is unidentifiable to even our veterinarian. Whatever she is, Ruby has been a good …

6 things to remember when interpolating and resampling images

Digital images contain a certain number of pixels. The dimensions at which it will be printed define its resolution. Photoshop allows you to resize photos.

Resampling happens when you change the number of pixels in a digital image, changing the file’s resolution and, of course, its reproduction size. When an image is scaled, interpolation is used to create the color levels for the pixels in the ne