Designers, get your files organized!

It simply saves time and aggravation if you have a good system of organizing your files. Generally, you don’t want to have more items in a folder than you can see on you screen at one time. As a rule, it usually works best to have a folder for each client and within each client folder there should be a fold for each separate job. Each job folder should be broken down in various resources such as images, fonts, copy, etc

From one, many

bubblesRecycling is good for business, and I’m not talking about trees and paper. Product recycling is one of the best ways to make more money …

Five must-have iPhone apps for graphic designers

iphoneThe iPhone is one of the most popular products in the country, and is perhaps on the precipice of an iPhone explosion if Apple makes

Give your design some punch with pop-ups

As marketing professionals, our goals are for the people to respond to our call to action. At the very least, the piece should be remembered. The more dynamic and memorable your piece is the more likely it will be remembered.

Government jobs for graphic designers

american_flagIf you’re a graphic designer, you might spend a lot of time on freelance bidding websites and other marketing endeavors. But have you ever considered …

The ancient art of cat juggling

If you’ve ever seen “The Jerk,” then you undoubtedly recall the scene in which Steve Martin’s character juggles cats. We know it’s not real, so …

12 tips for an effective company website

You may feel a bit lost after launching your company website. This is especially true for small business’s that do not have an IT guy …

What is a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It’s used to measure a product or organization and its environment.

Zero-incentive marketing: Why free trials don’t make sense

Adobe does it. So does Wordtracker. And Keyword Spy and many, many other businesses. It comes in many different forms, but the basic premise …