Seven steps to productive brainstorming

So what we are talking about is coming up with as many ideas as possible in a short amount of time. Working as a group will allow for the free association within the group. I like to think of it as stacking. Something that one person says sparks an idea in someone else’s brain and the ideas build on one another.

Six free ways to find new clients during a recession

The recession is upon us, no doubt about that. Is there any reason to be chipper? I say, YES! Avoiding tired clichés about lemons and …

Hanging punctuation in Quark XPress

How do you hang punctuation outside the text box in Quark?

Five things that are holding your business back

If you’re a small business, finding new customers can be a challenge, especially in the current economy. If you’re struggling to find new clients, don’t …

Falling in love with

With the seemingly ever-changing software that graphic designer use, sometimes it’s hard to stay current. Every time Adobe or Quark come out with a new version we spend days playing hide and seek with menus and tools. We wonder where they’ve put our favorites and why they got rid of that tool that we used all the time.

Pepsi, Tropicana and the Arnell Group: Irate consumers or jealous designers?

Just about every graphic designer, marketer and business owner has heard at least something about the respective Pepsi and Tropicana debacles of late. The Los

Don’t make the namesake mistake

Please don’t name the company Bob Smith’s Design. Don’t name your design studio after yourself. Here are a four good reasons as to why you shouldn’t:

Make local events turn into sales

How many times have you been to the ballpark and seen the name of a restaurant or bar on the uniform of a team? How …

Best-selling ideas … free of charge!

Do you want a free education? How about a free market research team? Maybe a free concept for the next multi-million dollar idea? I have …