10,000 hours = expert

How does your craft make you wealthy? Through value. If you provide a valuable service or resource for your clients, you will make more money. …

Have you read any good design books lately?

With our busy lives sometimes we forget to feed our brains. As we know, the creative process is not like turning on a faucet. Designers …

The desktop publishing war: Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress?

The title of this post says enough, and it’s a war that no graphic designer, publisher, newspaper or magazine has been able to steer clear …

3 recession proof marketing tools

With the current economy, businesses are looking for less expensive ways to keep their company’s name in front of customers. All out print onslaughts are

Getting in the team spirit

As a designer I work with a writer as a creative partner on most of my projects. I find that collaboration on such projects is the result of creative needs versus the basic parameters of the projec

Back in black: A cheaper way to simulate gloss and dull varnish over black

As you know if you’ve ever done pro-bono work, there isn’t money to burn. The whole goal is to get as much for your money as possible, and spending money on printing usually isn’t high on their list of necessities. So, when I realized that there wasn’t enough money in the budget to add a varnish, the printer had a solution.

The best graphic design magazines

YouTheDesigner.com has posted a list of what they consider to be the most amazing graphic design magazines.  As one might expect, Print Magazine, …

A glimpse of ‘Helvetica’

The movie starts by illustrating how prevalent the typeface Helvetica is in our surroundings. So much so, some argue that it has almost become generic.

Starting a graphic design business with SCORE, SBA, Microsoft, Adobe and more

I’ve seen it before. Someone makes a career change, or a young hotshot graduates, and they start a graphic design business. They put up a …