Six reasons to pick a commercial printing company and stick with them

There is certainly something to be said for loyalty. And that goes both ways. Most seasoned designers work with the some 2 or 3 printers all the time. Once you find dependable printers stick with them.

Web and print marketing: Co-dependent species

I’ve heard the chants from the rooftops: “Print is dead! Print is dead!” Newspapers are struggling, the economy is sagging, and holiday spending is down. …

Congratulation on your graphic design degree! Now what? Part 2

You are going to need a kick-ass cover letter! Don’t be afraid to let them know that you are excited about the possibility of working for them. And always take the opportunity to tell them that you think you would be a good fit for the position.

Congratulation on your graphic design degree! Now what? Part 1

Your objective. Make it about the benefits hiring you will bring. Maybe something like: To work with a team of exceptional creatives. In a fast paced challenging environment where I can use my design skills to grow with the productivity and reputation of the company.

Keeping it together with binding techniques

Making your piece stand out from the barrage of direct mail people receive can be a challenge. Try incorporating different binding techniques into your design to make it unique.

Are you ready to mock? Always get a following mock-up

The bottom line is that freelancers eat their mistakes. Even though my client signed off on the piece, I would have ended up paying to re-print it. I got off lucky with just paying for the correction and new proof.

The Art of Business Card Design

Business cards are still the most widely used form of marketing there is. Even with PDAs and cell phones, the business card is the quickest …

Create efficiency with master pages, style sheets and design templates

You’ve created this wonderful design for the company newsletter. The boss loves it. In fact she loves it so much she wants it done every …

Making a print-ready file using Adobe Creative Suite

So, you’ve come up with a really great design for your new business card, brochure, flyer, ad, etc., but your printer requires you to supply …