Five steps to getting that graphic design internship

1. Compile a list of companies that you would like to do your internship with.

2. Call these companies. Don’t ask if you can apply for an internship position. Instead, ask for the creative director or senior art direct

Where the print hits the pavement

newspapersYesterday I opened the newspaper to read about the latest bailout mess. AIG seems to be paying bonuses right and left. The members of Congress …

Lessons in usability: Amazon, eBay, Tiger Direct and more

Check out Time‘s list of the top 25 ecommerce sites. Take a look at each, and take notes.

These websites share specific characteristics …

The six factors that affect how we see color

The human eye is able to sense wavelengths of light ranging from about 380 nm to about 780 nm, which means we have the ability to see millions of colors, well beyond the gamut of most devices.

Color gamuts — What you see isn’t always what you get

A range of colors is commonly referred to as a color gamut. A color gamut of a device is the range of colors that the device can reproduce. A gamut is produced by combining the complete range of color combinations for any device or printing press.

The evolution of the pamphlet

The pamphlet has been used to convey a quick message for centuries. Hawkers would distribute them to people on the street, companies have mailed them, …

Boost business with a seminar

Small business seminars are a great way to drum up extra business and loyal customers. If you’re a graphic designer, writer, marketer, webmaster, printer or …

Aviary vs. Adobe and the ultimate Photoshop contests

If you love to beta test, head over to Aviary and check out the new graphic design application suite in development. With names such as …

More Eco-friendly Print News

I like to bring some eco-friendly print news to light from time to time. It might seem like a waste, so I thought I’d share …