10 Funny Bumper Sticker Designs

Some bumper stickers are designed to market products. Others are designed to promote political ideologies. And some bumper stickers are designed purely to be funny. Many have tried humorous bumper stickers as a means to make a point, and many have failed. However, some have brilliantly succeeded. Case in point: the following 10 funny bumper sticker designs, listed here for your inspiration.

1.  Driver carries no cash… he’s married (Mightylists)

I wouldn’t have included this, but even my own wife would find it funny. Something doesn’t seem quite fair about that …

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2.  I park like an idiot (Imgur)

These bumper stickers aren’t intended for your own vehicle, they’re intended to be placed on vehicles that deserve them.

My brother send these to me with the note Dole out the bumper stickers as justi_2014-03-03_12-05-02-Optimized


3.  If history repeats itself, I’m so getting a dinosaur (Imgur)

That would be awesome! Most people would want a T-Rex, but riding a triceratops down Main Street USA would be sweet.

s8O0NXh.jpg (900×1200) - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_12-06-31-Optimized


4.  Yes, this is my truck. No, I won’t help you move (Prank a Buddy)

Anyone who has ever owned a truck totally relates to this bumper sticker design.

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5.  This vehicle is protected by an anti-theft bumper sticker (Funny Joke Pictures)

Almost as convincing as the fake security alarm stickers I used to see on people’s front doors when I delivered newspapers.

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6.  Watch out for the idiot behind me (Dump a Day)

This hilarious – hey, wait a minute!

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7.  Be nice to America… or we’ll bring democracy to your country (Oddee)

Yeah, that hasn’t worked out so well for many countries …

13 Funniest Bumper Stickers ever (funniest bumber stickers, car bumper sticker) _2014-03-03_12-12-19-Optimized


8.  If you can read this, turn me over (Single Dad Laughing)

A funny concept, even funnier when applicable (so long as no one is hurt).

30 of the Funniest Bumper Stickers You've Probably Never Seen - Part 3 - Google _2014-03-03_12-13-45-Optimized


9.  I don’t suffer from insanity… I enjoy every minute of it (Collision Guard)

This bumper sticker design could explain a lot…

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10.  The police never think it’s as funny as you do (Better Than Pants)

Indeed, they do not.

The Police Never Think It's As Funny As You Do Funny Bumper Sticker - Google Chr_2014-03-03_12-21-13-Optimized

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