20 Best Printing Blogs Today

The more you know about commercial and digital printing, the better a graphic designer and  marketer you can be. The key is to understand the vast capabilities of today’s online printing companies, those special add-ons (such as die cuts and foil stamps) that can make your designs incredibly creative works of art. Stay up to date with emerging printing technologies and investigate current printing trends to stay ahead of the game and beat your competitors to the punch.

The best way to do those things? Regularly read some of the best printing blogs on the web. Ask your printing company about new ways to print or cool creative ideas they’ve seen running through their presses. Chances are, your printing company’s representative will be more than happy to help you brainstorm some incredible design and printing ideas. In the meantime, here are 20 of the best printing blogs today.

1.  Printing Industries of America

Blog Posts - Digital Printing Council  Printing Industries Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-41-01-Optimized


2.  NAPL and NAQP

Blog  NAPL  NAPL - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-43-47-Optimized


3.  Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

SGIA - Specialty Graphic Imaging Association - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-45-31-Optimized



NOTCOT.ORG - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-48-06-Optimized


5.  M-bossed

Confronting the mayhem in Media and Marketing!  M-bossed - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-48-58-Optimized


6.  Going Green

Going Green - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-49-41-Optimized


7.  Print Media Center

Print Media Centr - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-50-33-Optimized


8.  Success In Print

Success.In.Print  Printing Impressions - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-51-18-Optimized


9.  Print Stories

Print Stories  Print Stories - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-52-16-Optimized


10.  Printwand

Printwand™ Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-52-59-Optimized


11.  Print Confessions

Print Confessions  Printing Impressions - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-53-43-Optimized


12.  Printing By Design

Printing By Design - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-54-33-Optimized


13.  Color Clarity

Color Clarity Blog  COLOR CLARITY  Accurate Color…….Simply - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-55-36-Optimized


14.  Converging Technologies and Print

Converging Technologies and Print  Printing Impressions - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-56-24-Optimized


15.  Printing Industry Exchange

Printing Industry Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_14-57-24-Optimized


16.  My Print Resource

Editorial Contributor Blogs  MyPRINTResource.com - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_15-00-30-Optimized


17.  American Printer Magazine

American Printer Magazine — Home Page  Printing industry news, notes and featur_2013-07-30_15-01-03-Optimized


18.  Print Mag

Design Tips, Education, Resources & Designer Advice  Print Magazine - Google Ch_2013-07-30_15-01-50-Optimized


19.  Package Printing

For Printers and Converters of Labels, Flexible Packaging and Folding Cartons  _2013-07-30_15-02-32-Optimized


20.  Against The Grain

Against the Grain  Printing Impressions - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_15-03-19-Optimized


Of course, I also highly recommend PsPrint’s own blog, which includes plenty of print and design inspiration as well as helpful hints for graphic designers, marketers and small business owners. I’m sure I’ve missed some great printing blogs on this list as well. Which are your favorite printing blogs? Let me know in the comments!


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