25 New Photoshop Tutorials For August

Want to enhance your Photoshop skills this month? See a new technique and want to know how to emulate it in your own artwork? Look no further than Photoshop tutorials, perhaps the greatest blessings the web has bestowed upon graphic designers. Good Photoshop tutorials can, over time, turn even the most novice designer into a master of graphics. If you want to become a better designer, one lesson at a time, take the following 25 new Photoshop tutorials this month.

1.  Foggy window text on Photoshop Roadmap

Create a text on a foggy rainy window in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_14-29-21


2.  Architectural night perspectives on ARCH Student

Architectural night Perspectives - Photoshop Visualization Tutorial  ARCH-stude_2014-07-30_14-33-45


3.  Perfect people cutouts using Refine Edge tutorial on Digital Camera World

How to cut out people like a professional using the Refine Edge tool  Digital C_2014-07-30_14-41-59


4.  How to create a double-exposure in Photoshop on PetaPixel

Tutorial How to Create Double-Exposures in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_14-47-00


5.  Non-destructive lens flare tutorial on Photoshop123

Quick Tip Non Destructive Lens Flare - Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_14-47-56


6.  3 ways to retouch fly-away hair on Tuts Plus

3 Ways to Retouch Fly-Away Hair - Tuts  Design & Illustration Tutorial - Google _2014-07-30_16-00-52-Optimized


7.  Fairy in the woods tutorial on Photoshop Tutorials

Playing with Glows and Blurs – Fairy in the Woods Photoshop Tutorial  Photoshop_2014-07-30_14-50-28


8.  Planes logo in Photoshop on Planet Photoshop

Planes Logo  Planet Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_14-53-18


9.  3-D layered block text effect in Photoshop on Textuts

3D Layered Blocks Text Effect in Photoshop CC 2014  Textuts - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_14-56-16


10.  Creating custom textures in Photoshop on Smashing Magazine

Techniques For Creating Custom Textures In Photoshop  Smashing Magazine - Googl_2014-07-30_14-57-11


11.  Electrified text effect in Photoshop on PSD Vault

Create an Electrified Text Effect in Photoshop  PSD Vault - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_14-58-13


12.  Animated YouTube banner channel art on Ice Flow Studios

Animated YouTube Banner (Channel Art) - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-07-45


13.  1980s slash horror Photoshop tutorial on Tutorialized

Photoshop Digital Art 80s Slasher Horror Tutorial Tutorial - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-10-24


14.  Levitation effect Photoshop tutorial on CG Villa

Levitation Effect- Photoshop Tutorial - CG VILLA CG VILLA - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-11-00


15.  Dramatic black and white images in Photoshop on Amanda’s Actions

Photoshop Tutorial  How to Edit Dramatic Black and White Images Amanda's Photos_2014-07-30_15-13-36


16.  Twitter cover Photoshop tutorial on Monster Post

Twitter Cover Photoshop Tutorial [Part 2] - MonsterPost - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-18-55


17.  Master Photoshop CC’s new spin blur on Digital Arts

Photoshop tutorial Master Photoshop CC 2014’s new Spin Blur - Digital Arts - Go_2014-07-30_15-20-48


18.  Vintage matte photo effect on Spoon Graphics

How To Create a Washed Out Vintage Matte Photo Effect - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-21-59


19.  Create a pencil sketch in Photoshop on Web Design Dev

Adobe Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-25-08


20.  Photoshop T-shirt mockup tutorial on Good Looking Design

Photoshop T-shirt Mock Up Tutorial  Good Looking Design - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-26-49


21.  Create stunning character concepts on Advanced Photoshop

How to create stunning character concepts Part 1  Advanced Photoshop - Free Ph_2014-07-30_15-29-22


22.  Painting atmosphere Photoshop tutorial on Mark S. Johnson Photography

Photoshop Workbench - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-38-04


23.  Create a hipster logo on Tutvid

Create a Hipster Style Logo - Photoshop Tutorial  Tutvid - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-39-03


24.  Soft glow effect on Devil PSD

Devil PSD Soft Glow Effect Tutorial using Photoshop CS6 - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-41-04


25.  Simple lighting effect in Photoshop on DT Designer’s Tuts

Simple Lighting Effect in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-07-30_15-41-40

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