3 Tips for Printing Calendars That Boost Sales

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Calendar printing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to small businesses. Calendars have value because your customers use them every single day. That means you have the opportunity to get your brand in front of customers 365 days per year. Your calendar marketing investment, per customer, per day, is among the lowest of any marketing tools. If you want to give your company and profit boost this year, try the following 3 tips for printing calendars that boost sales.

1.  Print calendars that are relevant to your customers and your products

Your calendar can help you establish common ground with your customers, thereby lending a sense of solidarity that helps you build relationships and customer loyalty. Print calendars that are relevant both to your customers and to your products. An art gallery could print calendars that feature artwork, for example, or a dog groomer could print calendars that feature different dog breeds.

2.  Include direct offers on your calendars

Calendars are well-known tools for promoting your brand name (your logo, company name and contact information should be on every page). But calendars are also perfect for direct marketing. Plan calendar-only special offers out for the year, and print them each month to motivate direct purchases. Doing so can exponentially increase your return on investment for calendar marketing. Make sure you have a way to track sales, such as a coupon or coupon code.

3.  Distribute calendars early and timely

Your customer base has to actually hang your calendars in order for you to realize increased sales. Calendar distribution can be tricky. On one hand, you want to distribute calendars when your customers are ready to replace their old ones. On the other hand, you want to beat your competitors to the punch. One way to accomplish this is to not only print calendars to distribute at the end of the year, but print 18-month calendars so you can distribute them mid-summer. If you print calendars for new year distribution, include the month of December so customers can use them right away.


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