30 Resources for Free Stock Images

Looking for free stock images online?  Nearly everyone has tried mainstays like Creative Commons, Wikimedia Commons, Stock Exchange and MorgueFile.  These are four excellent resources for free stock photos, but they’re far from the only options online.  Instead of pulling stock images from the same pool as everyone else, try these 30 resources – some of which you’ve probably never heard of.

1.  Stock Vault

A well-known free stock image resource with more than 30,000 free photos.

Free Photos - Free Images  Stockvault

2.  Creativity 103

More than 2,500 free images, textures, backgrounds and more for your graphic designs.

Abstract Textures, Background Photos - free stock images - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_06-50-57

3.  PDSearch

Royalty-free, public domain stock photos you can browse by category or search by keyword.

PD Photo - Free Photos And Pictures (public domain, stock pictures, wallpaper, r_2012-06-25_06-52-11

4.  Free Range

Like some others listed here, you have to sign up for a membership (it’s free), but the high-resolution free stock images on this site make that slight inconvenience well worth it.

Free Stock Photos at freerangestock.com - Totally Free Stock Photography and Tex_2012-06-25_06-58-10

5.  Free Photos Bank

An easy-to-navigate interface makes finding the perfect free stock images for your graphic designs a breeze.

Free Photos - Free Stock Images - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-00-34

6.  DotGovWatch

Free public-domain photos taken by government employees.  This website lets you search for photos or browse pre-selected galleries.

The Best Copyright-Free Photo Libraries - DotGovWatch Exposing the good, the ba_2012-06-25_07-03-19

7.  Photogen

Thousands of free stock images for commercial and personal use.  High resolution!

Free Stock Photos  Free Photos from Photogen - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-05-11

8.  FreeMediaGoo

Totally free stock images, plus audio and more.

Free Images - Free Stock Photos, free background images, royalty free images, fr_2012-06-25_07-06-41

9.  Everystockphoto

This isn’t a gallery in and of itself, but a search engine for free stock photos that will connect you with many other great resources.

everystockphoto - searching free photos - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-08-04

10.  Freefoto

Bills itself as the largest collection of free photos online, with more than 130,000 images.

FreeFoto.com - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-09-44

11.  Pixel Perfect Digital

Not the most extensive collection, but the free stock images here are of excellent quality.

Pixel Perfect Digital - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-11-37

12.  Imagebase

Free photos that you can treat as though they’re in the public domain in high resolution formats make this a great go-to site for that unique photo you’re after.

ImageBase, free images, public domain, free photos - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-13-13

13.  Open Stock Photography

A search engine for Wikimedia Commons, with access to more than 2 million free images.

home  open stock photography  100% free open source stock photography - Mozill_2012-06-25_07-15-14

14.  Woophy

A unique take on free stock image search; this website lets you use a world map to drill down to a specific location. You’ll find free photos for that location.

Woophy - Home - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-16-37

15.  Free Stock Photography

More than 1,000 images you can download and use in your designs, 100 percent royalty-free.

Home - Free Royalty Free Stock Photography - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-18-30

16.  Photl

The images found on Photl can only be found on Photl, which makes it the perfect resource for finding something different and unique.

Photl.com – Royalty Free Photo Stock Buy And Download Photo Images - Mozilla Fi_2012-06-25_07-20-12

17.  Kave Wall

Well-categorized stock images, textures and more you can download for free.

KAVEWALL STOCK PHOTOS - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-22-07

18.  Turbo Photo

Browse galleries of free public domain images for graphic design, but be wary of the search feature – it takes you to Shutterstock, a paid image website.

FREE STOCK IMAGES - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-23-42

19.  Image After

The interface can put you off a little at first, but don’t ignore the powerful search tools for free stock images from an established website.

Image  After - currently 28212 free textures and images available - Mozilla Fir_2012-06-25_07-25-37

20.  RGB Stock

Free high-quality stock photos, illustrations and backgrounds.

Free stock photos - high quality stock images - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-27-09

21.  Free Stock Images

True to its name, you’ll find free stock images on this website.  You’ll also find free icons and other free graphics.

FREE STOCK IMAGES - Find Royalty Free Pictures! - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-28-38

22.  Nations Illustrated

More than 8,000 free photos for download, based on country of subject and origin.

NationsIllustrated.com - The World in Pictures - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-29-54

23.  Unprofound

An excellent resource of high-quality free stock photography, seeded by a small group of talented and dedicated photographers.

unprofound.com  royalty free photography project - a public domain stock photo _2012-06-25_07-31-36

24.  Cepolina

Different and cool, with free stock images plus icons and more for free download.

Free Photo Archive - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_07-33-49

25.  U.S. Government Photos and Images

Many of these are in the public domain, but some are not.  Always check licenses before use!

U.S. Government Photos and Images  USA.gov - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_09-08-58

26.  Liam’s Pictures from Old Books

Looking for a perfect vintage photo or image for free?  Look no further than this website, which has images from – you guessed it – old books!

Liam’s Pictures from Old Books - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_09-11-18

27.  Picdrome

Not extensive, but you will find unique photos here to add some spice to your designs.

Public Domain pictures. Download copyright-free photos for personal, educational_2012-06-25_09-12-54

28.  Photo Rack

More than 10,000 free stock photos you can browse by category.

Photo Rack - Stock Photos - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_09-20-46

29.  Design Packs

Download free full design packs that work together seamlessly in your own graphic designs.

DesignPacks.com - Free Stock Photo Sets for Web Designers - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_09-22-27

30.  Free Pixels

An excellent collection of free stock images for web and print design.

Free Stock Photos, Free Images - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-25_09-23-45

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  1. SchoolPhotoProject July 13, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    We’d like to have http://www.SchoolPhotoProject.com included in this list as well. We are a free stock photo site that make good quality photos available for students and public in general. Big photo files, up to 4000 pixels in size are available to download. New free photos are uploaded daily. Thank you!

  2. Brian Morris July 16, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    Thanks for the link! Hopefully I’ll receive more submissions so I can expand this post to include more – if you have a free stock photo site, please let me know.

  3. SchoolPhotoProject July 16, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    Here are several more free stock photos sites we know:





    Thank you!

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