5 Little-Known Postcard Facts

If you’re a graphic designer, marketer or business owner, you’re probably rather familiar with postcards. After all, postcards are often staples of successful marketing campaigns and one can spend countless hours debating the best design, copy, offer and target audience for any specific postcard.

And even though you’ve undoubtedly put the time in to learn more about postcard marketing than perhaps you’ve ever wanted to know, I’m willing to bet I have a few facts up my sleeve that will interest, if not amaze, you.

1. Postcard collecting is called “Deltiology”

This fact might not interest you unless you’re going to be the next “Jeopardy!” contestant, but consider this: What if you designed every postcard with the notion that it could be the next highly collectible postcard, bearing your name with it forever? Do you think your designs – and your promotions – would be better?

2. McGill’s “Kipling” postcard is the No. 1 selling postcard of all time

It sold more than 6 million copies worldwide, and – like many of Donald McGill’s other postcards – was controversial for its thematic overtones. It depicted a young man and woman resting under a tree. The man holds a book and asks her: “Do you like Kipling?” She responds: “I don’t know, you naughty boy. I’ve never kippled.” You can see the original artwork here.

3. Old postcards are big money

Many collectible postcards net hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars at auctions. Click here to see some examples of postcards that sold high.

4. The average cost per lead/order for postcard campaigns is around $75

But, just like response rates, this figure isn’t near as important as the return on investment for your campaigns. Such facts are interesting, I agree, but I don’t think they’re predictive of any specific marketing campaign.

5. Postcards are new age

So many marketers like to think of postcards as passe, giving way to email and social marketing. But postcard-to-website marketing is one of the most efficient, popular and lucrative strategies today. Postcard printing transcends marketing evolution and provides opportunities not provided by other mediums, especially for the relatively low investment.

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