5 Marketing Materials You Don’t Have But Should

Business cards? Check. Website? Check. Postcards and direct mail campaign? Check. OK, so if you have these items you have the basic essentials needed to operate your business. But you don’t have everything, and you’re definitely not maximizing your marketing potential.

Remember that the unique, creative, and bold get noticed more than “the other guys.” And being that you want to get noticed, I suggest you take my advice and start distributing the following five marketing materials you don’t have – but should.

1. Stickers

Stickers are for kids, right? Right. And they’re also for companies who are serious about success. Look at your computer right now… notice any stickers? Maybe a Mac or Apple sticker, a Windows 7 sticker, an Nvidia sticker? Do you make as much money as these guys do? No? Maybe it’s because you don’t have those oh-so-cheap-put-them-anywhere-and-everywhere-powerful-branders-called-stickers.

2. Event tickets

People notice event tickets. And when they’re handed out for free, people attend events. Why not create your own event – say, a picnic in the park with live entertainment – and hand out free event tickets? You’re in control of the event, so think about the opportunities for promotion! And, even people who don’t go will get a dose of your brand from their tickets.

3. Magnets

This one’s so easy and cheap – print a calendar and a special coupon code alongside your logo and contact information on the magnets. Your customer base will use your magnets, darn near every day.

4. Banners

Oh OK, so you do use vinyl banners … in front of your location, right? Why not in front of your competitor’s location? Just saying …

5. Booklets

Booklets win business. Why? Because you can print content that helps your customers. Microsoft did this with its ad serving system – a how-to on search engine marketing. A pet store could do this with a how-to on pet care, aquarium set-up, etc. Any business can find a way to create a valuable booklet for its customer base. You should, too.

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