5 Must-Have Stickers For Your Business

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Sticker printing is a powerful way to promote your business. Unlike many other marketing mediums, stickers can be placed practically anywhere. Thus, you can reach customers where they least expect it – which helps them commit your brand and your message to memory.  Moreover, stickers boast longevity; a premium, fade-resistant sticker can last months or even years, exposing your brand to many hundreds or even thousands of customers. Best of all, stickers are cheap to print; so you can blanket the market with stickers for a low investment. Here are five must-have stickers for your business.

1.  Brand logo stickers

Brand logo stickers should be a priority for your company, especially if you tout a brand that works to share its culture with your customers. Customers who identify themselves with your brand will be proud to affix your stickers to notebooks, bicycles, windows, lockers, and other gear. In addition, you should place logo stickers on every product you sell and envelope you seal to continually promote your brand.

2.  Vehicle/bumper stickers

Bumper stickers still have the amazing ability to reach vast numbers of people in a single trip. Vehicle stickers, or vehicle wraps, can do the same. More and more vehicles are on the roads every day, which makes bumper stickers and vehicle stickers excellent long-term investments for your company.

3.  Advertising stickers

Some of the best marketing campaigns are entirely sticker-driven. This is because stickers have the ability to interact with their surroundings in unique ways other marketing materials can’t. Think of the hot sauce company that placed images of fiery mouths around hot air hand dryers, or the window cleaning company that placed stickers that made it appear that people were walking into super-clean windows. Think of creative ways to incorporate stickers into outdoor/public marketing, and you will get noticed.

4.  Discount/sales stickers

If you sell retail, one of the best ways to draw attention to special offers is to place discount stickers on your merchandise. Print stickers with large sales numbers, such as “20% OFF” or “Buy One, Get One Free.” Incorporate bright, attention-getting colors such as red and yellow to make sure your promotions won’t be missed. Sales stickers lead to impulse buys, which can drive profits through the roof.

5.  Business card stickers

Business card stickers are an outstanding way to make sure you “stick” with your new business contacts – especially if you can add useful information such as calendars, conversion charts or even sports schedules to your stickers. Make your contacts want to display your stickers on nearby walls, desks, computers and filing cabinets, and you’ll stay top-of-mind when they need what you sell.

Never overlook the power of sticker marketing. Be creative, and flood the market with your stickers. Doing so will not only get your brand noticed, it will lead to more sales.


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