5 Ways to Sell with Magnets

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Did you know magnets are great ways to market your products and services? Trust me; your customers love magnets – especially those that have incredible, eye-catching designs and relevance. Of course, they also love them because magnets are useful and versatile, especially for a marketer such as yourself. See for yourself with the following five ways to sell with magnets.

1. In the mail

Like I said, customers love magnets. You can send relevant magnets that resonate with your clientele through direct-mail marketing campaigns. If your customers like your magnets, they’ll place them on their refrigerators and filing cabinets. Better yet, if you can make your magnets useful (such as with a calendar or athletic schedule) they’ll reference your magnets repeatedly – thus branding your company and producing opportunities for direct sales through discount coupon codes.

2. On the car

Auto magnets are a great way to brand your company when you’re on-the-go. Placing a large-format magnet on the side of your car door, on your truck tailgate or on your van’s back door will earn high visibility on the road. If you want to maximize your return on investment, grab attention with a funny, out of the ordinary magnet and include a time-sensitive coupon code that’ll be easy to remember when motorists return home.

3. In the bathroom

Getting attention is key to successful magnet marketing, which is why you should consider placing magnets on the inside doors of public stalls (with permission). Doing so will catch customers off-guard, which will make your brand more memorable, and likewise allow you to put forth creative, funny and relevant pitches that can’t be ignored.

4. In the public eye

The bathroom isn’t the only public place for your magnet marketing: utility vehicles, light poles, drop boxes, park fences, and many other public places present excellent opportunities for commanding attention and ensuring your voice will be heard and your style known to all.

5. On the sidewalk

In addition to direct mail, another popular and highly effective magnet marketing ploy is to deploy a street team to hand out your magnets face to face, especially if you can target your message to a relevant audience.

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