Adhesive Banners: Your New High-Powered Marketing Weapon

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Large-format vinyl banners are excellent marketing tools because they’re big enough to command the attention of the masses when placed in strategic areas: high-traffic intersections and busy shopping districts, for example. Unfortunately, vinyl banner distribution options can be somewhat limited – if you don’t have a way to anchor grommets or poles, you don’t have a way to market with vinyl banners. Enter adhesive banners: your new high-powered marketing weapon.

What makes adhesive banners so special?

The main advantage adhesive banners have over traditional vinyl banners is their adhesive backing, which means they can be applied nearly anywhere: walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, benches, vending machines; really, on any flat surface. That means your distribution options are practically unlimited.

Adhesive banners can go where traditional vinyl banners can’t go, which allows you to promote your brand, products, and services in new, surprising, and memorable locations.

So, adhesive banners have all the benefits of traditional banners (large format, big, bold presence, affordable printing) without their inherent distribution limitations. They’re like huge stickers you can place anywhere to market anything – except unlike stickers, they’re designed to be removable.

How big are adhesive banners?

You can print adhesive banners in any size ranging from 1-foot by 1-foot to 8-foot by 4.75-foot.

What type of stock are adhesive banners printed on?

Adhesive banners are printed on either gloss or matte removable vinyl. The former offers a high-gloss look for vivid colors; the latter has a softer presentation for a more elegant appeal. Both stocks feature air-egress technology that makes them easy to apply.

How much do adhesive banners cost?

Like all print marketing, the key to great  printing is to get premium-quality at discount prices. Your actual price will ultimately depend on the size of your banner; however, as a reference point consider that a 6-foot by 3-foot banner can be printed for right around $100 – which represents a pretty good investment if you can distribute your adhesive banner in an area that’s exposed to hundreds of potential customers every day.

If you want to combine the power of vinyl banner marketing with the distribution of stickers, it’s time to print adhesive banners.

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