Being ChatWise with LivePerson

Ari Galper has discovered a breakthrough in online sales pitches.  He has learned that people do not like pushy sales personnel.

OK, that’s not exactly a breakthrough, but the concept of a helpful and friendly sales rep has made the leap to instant messaging.  Businesses that implement conversational techniques on IM have increased sales by as much as 10 percent — amounting to a revenue increase of $50,000 in the example given in the linked article.

Instead of asking potential customers “How can I help you?,” Galper suggests asking them if “everything is making sense …”  notice the ellipses?  A subtle variation of the sentence that makes chat reps seem more like human beings and less like robotic sales mechanisms.

More and more, companies are embracing website visitors as they would in-store visitors, and the results are stunning.  When customers know that you care about them, and that you’re willing to help them make the best possible purchasing decisions that fit their needs and budgets, they’re much more willing to spend their hard-earned money with you.

The buy-it-and-forget-it companies are a dying breed.  Customers want support, and they want to know that they can count on you to provide it.

The online sales forecast for 2009 calls for an increase in subscription-based web applications and a decrease in one-time software sales.  These are scalable solutions that offer customers an interactive system in which they can enjoy support, free updates and other perks not afforded by simple product downloads.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling keyword research tools such as Keyword Spy or Maytag washing machines.  Your customers must feel that you are here to help them, not to help yourself.  Everyone knows what the goal of business is, so there’s no use in trying to reinforce the idea of profitability.  We know you want our money.

What we don’t know is what you will do with our money.  Will you take it on vacation, will you invest it in marketing to “buy” more of us, or will you invest it in upgradable solutions that will meet our needs not only now, but in the future as well?

Keyword Spy can offer real-time updates on keyword search trends.  Maytag can offer product performance guarantees and robust service plans.  How does this transfer to the sales process?

Telling people what you can do isn’t good enough.  Helping them understand how that benefits them is paramount.

How do you help your customers make purchasing decisions?

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