5 Benefits of Printing Sheet Stickers

Sheet stickers for PsPrint customer Blackhawk Museum.

Sheet stickers for PsPrint customer Blackhawk Museum.

Printing sheet stickers is a great way to promote your brand or create a popular product for retail sales. However, not every business or marketer recognizes the benefits of printing sheet stickers over regular stickers. Depending on the application, sheet stickers can be the better choice. The following lists five benefits of printing sheet stickers your company can take advantage of today.

1.  Multiple sticker options

Many brands feature variants in logos and wordmarks. Sheet stickers allow you to design multiple stickers to be printed on a single sheet, thereby making it affordable to distribute several different types of stickers. This gives customers who want to proudly display their affiliation with you more options. Moreover, you can print multiple stickers, each with a specific purpose: a single sheet of stickers might include a bumper sticker and a bike helmet sticker, for example.

2.  Personalized sticker sets

Sheet stickers are perfect for personalized stationery and invitations. You can print sheet stickers that include mailing labels, return address labels, and envelope sealers featuring your name and initials or promoting a special event such as a wedding or anniversary.

3.  Niche retail opportunities

Teachers and parents often use sheet stickers to award child achievements. Children love stickers featuring their favorite characters, and you can create your own themed stickers for holidays and your own characters. These features present niche retail opportunities for selling your own stickers for profit.

4.  Free die cuts

Sheet stickers can be die cut in several shapes, and the most popular shapes can be die cut for no additional charge. Circles, squares, rectangles and rounded corners are free when you print sheet stickers.

5.  Save money

By being able to print multiple stickers on a single sheet, you can promote your brand, personalize your stationery, and create fun retail products that feature variety without having to pay for each individual sticker to be printed. Thus, you have more design options and save money.

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