10 Best Logos of the Olympic Games

The Games of the XXX Olympiad, otherwise known as the Olympic Games 2012, kick off this week in London.  I love the Olympics.  They’re great for learning about new and unique sports you’ve never heard of (remember the curling fad?), and it’s always nice to watch the U.S. rack up the gold medals against other countries.  The Olympics are such a major worldwide event that one of the greatest rare honors bestowed on graphic designers is the chance to design the logo for a specific Olympic year (the logo is officially called the “emblem”).  I’ve hand-picked my favorite logos of the modern Olympics to share with you here.

1.  Rome 1960

Rome 1960 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-23-43



2.  Mexico City 1968

Mexico City 1968 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-25-02


3.  Munich 1972

Munich 1972 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-25-56


4.  Los Angeles 1984

Los Angeles 1984 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-26-53


5.  Calgary 1988

Calgary 1988 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-28-21


6.  Barcelona 1992

Barcelona 1992 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-29-23


7.  Albertville 1992

Albertville 1992 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-38-37


8.  Nagano 1998

Nagano 1998 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-30-20


9.  Turin 2006

Turin 2006 Collection - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-39-59


10.  Rio 2016 (Sneak Peek!)

Rio2016_AO.jpg (1241×1600) - Google Chrome_2012-07-24_14-43-16


3 Responses to 10 Best Logos of the Olympic Games

  1. Sonia Mansfield August 7, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that #1 is a little disturbing.

  2. Brian Morris August 27, 2012 at 8:33 am #

    I know, right? I think suckling massive she-wolves as an athletic performance enhancer has since been banned by the Olympics committee.


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