Big Hang Tags Sell More

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Hang tag printing and marketing has been a staple of the retail industry for decades, and for good reason: hang tags can grab customer attention and deliver details that create desire, ultimately motivating instant purchases.  Despite the inherent promotional power of hang tags, most hang tags I see are diminutive and barely noticed by passing customers.  That’s why I contend big hang tags sell more. Here’s why.

1.  Big hang tags command attention

Small hang tags are only noticed when customers are already interested in purchasing a specific product, but big hang tags attract interest from across the store.  Vivid colors, an intriguing logo or photo, a compelling die cut, all framed within an oversized hang tag, attract customer interest and ultimately help you land customers who otherwise wouldn’t have had interest at all.

2.  Big hang tags create desire

Once your oversized hang tags gain customer attention, they can create desire. Since they have more available room, big hang tags can feature prominent features/benefits lists, comparative charts and graphs, or a statement on product quality.  Add in branding power with your company story, and your hang tags will be powerful sales tools.

3.  Big hang tags seal the deal

Big hang tags make it easy to include a perforated coupon so you can motivate immediate purchases and quickly track your return on investment. They can also be used as response cards so customers can give you contact information for friends and family members who meet your target demographics (in return for an additional discount, of course).

If the goal of your hang tag marketing efforts is to earn more profits, you need to command attention, create desire and motivate immediate sales.  In all three areas, big hang tags deliver big.

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