5 Ways to Boost Holiday Profits with Sticker Marketing

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This sticker was placed on a storefront window to promote the power of the iPod.

When you’re planning a holiday marketing campaign, catalogs, postcards and flyers are likely at the top of your marketing material wish list. But stickers can be incredibly powerful holiday marketing tools, though they’re often overlooked by many small businesses and marketers. The following presents five ways you can use stickers to boost holiday profits.

1.  Creative cues

One of the coolest and most profitable ways to employ stickers for holiday marketing is to use them as creative cues to help customers find your best (and most profitable) deals. You  might, for example, print stickers that look like footprints that lead customers to a holiday sales display rack. Or, print arrows with fun text that leads customers to your storefront from other mall locations.

2.  Attention-getting tags

Place stickers directly on your products to command customer attention, then use them to deliver a features/benefits list, charts and graphs, a call to action, or other device intended to demonstrate why customers should buy a specific product now.

3.  Guerrilla marketing

Clever stickers affixed in unexpected areas not only command customer attention, they stick in customers’ memory.  Vehicles, public restrooms and other places are perfect for this type of guerrilla marketing. Two of my favorites: a mouthwash that placed stickers on ceilings over dentist chairs, and a hot sauce that placed stickers on hand dryers in public restrooms.

4.  Promote like-products

If you sell several products that go together, you can use stickers to indicate as much. For example, you might sell home stereo systems with complementary components: a receiver, speakers, and speaker mounts. Place color-coded stickers on components that go together to increase overall sales.

5.  Upsell

Place stickers on in-the-box products so when customers get home, they can make yet another purchase. A perfect example would be a device that offers an extended warranty. If they didn’t buy the extended warranty at the store, a sticker can motivate them to do so online once they return home.


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