Are Bumper Stickers Still Effective Marketing Tools?


You’re always on the lookout for ways to promote your company, especially if you can reach customers in areas your competitors aren’t for minimal investment. One way to do this is by printing bumper stickers. Bumper stickers have long been staple marketing tools for nearly every type of business, but in today’s digital world you might wonder whether bumper stickers are still effective marketing tools. They absolutely are, and here’s why.

1.  Bumper stickers can reach thousands of people

A single bumper sticker can reach hundreds of people every day, thousands of people per week, and perhaps even millions of people over years, depending on how many miles it’s driven and traffic density.

2. Creative bumper stickers command attention

Let’s face it: the commute is a bore. That’s why we have car radios and Bluetooth headsets. Traffic jams are even worse. As humans we crave interesting scenery, which is why the most creative bumper stickers are next to impossible to ignore.

3.  Bumper stickers last a long time

Many marketing materials are “one-and-done.” Postcards, for example, are sent once. Bumper stickers, on the other hand, last for years – sometimes even decades – when they’re printed on premium-quality paper stocks. That means your “cost per impression” becomes ridiculously low over time.

4.  Bumper stickers are cheap to print

You can print 1,000 bumper stickers on vinyl stock with UV coating for right around 68 cents each. Look for special 50 percent off deals on bumper sticker printing to minimize your investment and maximize your return.

5.  Bumper stickers are cheap to deploy

Printing bumper stickers is easy, but what about getting them on to actual car bumpers? You can put them on your own bumpers, of course, and you can give bumper stickers away to customers. You can also pay others to drive around with your bumper stickers on their cars or create promotion incentives; a pizza parlor, for example, might offer 10 percent off carryout orders for those who drive through with a company bumper sticker.

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