Business Card Hack: 5 Tricks For A Powerful Business Card

What makes your business card so special? If the answer is “nothing” it’s time to reconsider your business card design. Your business card is one of the most important marketing tools you have. Not only should your business card make it easy for your contacts to get in touch, it should also work to brand you and your company as well as create desire for doing business with you.

Your business card succinctly demonstrates why you’re the best choice for your customers by differentiating you from your competitors. If your current business card isn’t up for the job, it’s time to apply the following five hacks for a more powerful business card.

1.  Add value

Add value to your business cards to make them useful to your target customer base. A mechanic might include a maintenance schedule on the back of his business cards, for example, while a wedding planner might print a planning timeline. When you add value to your business cards, you encourage potential customers to keep them on-hand for quick reference when they need your help.

2.  Detail benefits

What are the benefits of working with your company? What is your most unique selling point? Does your business card work to tell customers what they stand to gain by choosing you? If not, consider ways to incorporate this information on your business cards: either on the front in a split design, on the back, or in the interior of a folded business card.

3.  Social connections

There’s no doubt that customers are more social media savvy than others. Coupled with the fact that people buy from those they know and like, and it makes sense to include your best (and customer-preferred) social media handle on your business cards. Encourage customers to connect with you personally so you can continue to demonstrate why they should choose you via social media.

4.  Unique shape

One of the best ways to differentiate your brand from the competition is to print die-cut business cards in unique shapes. Rounded corners, square business cards, and shapes related to your business can help brand your company and ensure you’re noticed and remembered when it’s time to buy.

5.  Paper stock and finishes

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of your business card paper stock and finish when it comes to branding. The way your business cards look and feel go a long way toward influencing how customers perceive the quality of your products and services. Are you a fast-paced technology brand? A sleek, high-gloss business card with UV coating might be best. Are you a traditional company that develops elegant personalized solutions? Perhaps a soft, velvet, uncoated paper stock is best.

Your business card has to tell the story of your company at-a-glance. Apply these business card hacks to help it do just that, and you can rest assured your business cards will be at the top of the list when it’s time for customers to buy.

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