Is Your Business Card Really Important?


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Know what I hate? Marketing purists. Not the people, but the ideals they espouse. Case in point: I wrote a guest blog about creative ways to market with your business card, and a good portion of the commenters maligned my ideas by stating that business cards were only to share contact information, not actively market to customers.

Oh, those poor, poor souls. To be so obtuse as to believe a business card – or any marketing material, for that matter – can serve only one singular purpose is to limit oneself from powerful marketing opportunities that can most definitely lead to new business.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place” does not apply to marketing.

If business cards are only for sharing contact information, what’s the point? We can share that with a bump of the phone. Be careful, you might get to thinking business cards are no longer important at all.

And you’d be wrong. In fact, business cards remain among the most critical marketing tools for business success. And by taking advantage of opportunities to motivate response, you can make your business cards far more powerful than competitors who just share contact information.

Successful business networkers know this. Great marketers know this.

Your business card has three primary goals:

  1. To share contact information
  2. To differentiate your brand
  3. To motivate response

If any of these mechanisms are missing from your business cards, you’re missing opportunities. I don’t care what the purists say.

And that’s why business cards are so important. Business cards are:

  • expected
  • saved
  • bridges between print and digital (via QR codes and URLs)
  • noticed
  • appreciated
  • versatile
  • cheap

So, go ahead and print that QR code on your business card, or turn the back into a coupon. Print tons of business cards and hand them to everyone you meet. Leave them on counters and in books. Tell customers why your brand is different, and include a call to action to motivate response. Keep plenty on-hand everywhere you go.

Business cards important, but so is knowing how to maximize their effectiveness. They should impress potential customers. Any effort to do otherwise is simply wasted. Purists to the back of the line, please.

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