Business partners every graphic designer should have

A great business partner is one whose work makes you more successful. A great business partnership enjoys mutual success — you’re helping your partner as much as your partner helps you. Great business partnerships are indispensable, especially for those in the creative industry.

Here are four business partners every graphic designer should have:

Copywriter — Great copy enhances design; great design enhances copy. Together, they form a smooth, buttery blend that spreads well and is easy to swallow.

Printer — When you have a printer that will help you choose the right paper and finish, your designs pop and thrill. Also, your business benefits your printing company.

Web/Software developer — Forming a partnership with a skilled web or software developer lets you take on jobs that would otherwise be out of your scope. Not to mention, the residual income can be outstanding, and developers always need designers.

Sales agent — Many independent graphic designers do their own selling, but an independent sales agent can drive revenue while you focus on your clients. Your commissions reward your sales agent.

What do you get when four small businesses, each experts in their respective fields, collaborate on a single client’s project? Fireworks.

What business partnerships are important to you?

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