Christmas Cards in the Fall? Start Your Holiday Marketing Plan Now!

PsPrint has hundreds of easy-to-personalize festive holiday cards designs like this one in our gallery.

PsPrint has hundreds of easy-to-personalize festive holiday cards designs like this one in our gallery.

 You’ve heard of Christmas in July. But Christmas cards in September or October? Indeed, that’s precisely what I’m advocating. Get a jump start on your end-of-year holiday marketing plan so you can yield more profits than ever this holiday season. Here are five reasons why.

1.  You have time to make it perfect

When you start planning your holiday marketing early, you won’t be rushed – which means you’ll have more time to perfect your catalogs, greeting cards, advertisements and other marketing tools. Being rushed to craft marketing  materials increases the chance of costly mistakes, while having time to make it perfect presents opportunities for earning greater profits.

2.  The early bird gets the worm

If your marketing materials are ready earlier, you can market earlier and beat your competitors in the race for customers. Get creative and offer holiday pricing before the big shopping spree; or, offer to match any price that beats yours later. Doing so can provide incentive for customers to order now, when it’s convenient, rather than wait for the mad rush.

3.  Time for repetition

Marketing early doesn’t mean you’ll be forgotten when the holiday shopping rush hits. Rather, it gives you time to market with repetition, one the most critical factors for sustained sales success.

4.  More sales opportunities

When your “base” marketing campaign is complete and ready to go, you’re free to try new marketing avenues and sales channels as the holidays draw near. Perhaps you’ll try a Facebook marketing campaign or host a publicity stunt this year? Free yourself for social engagement as the holidays approach, and you’ll earn more sales.

5.  Time to enjoy the holidays

Even business owners and marketers should get to enjoy time with family and friends. Do your work early, make sure your fulfillment systems are in place, and sit back and relax with a cup of eggnog.

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