10 Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

If any group of professionals is known for getting in the Christmas spirit, it’s graphic designers. Many graphic designers are happy to share their knowledge and techniques with the design community, particularly in the form of tutorials. Moreover, the plethora of Christmas cards, marketing posters, calendars, catalogs and other print materials makes Christmas ripe for design innovation. Become a better graphic designer by taking the following 10 Christmas Photoshop tutorials.

1.  Paint a Santa Greeting Card with Photoshop by 3D2Dizayn

Send season’s greetings with the tips and tricks you’ll learn in this Christmas card Photoshop tutorial.

Painting a Santa Christmas Greeting Card with Adobe Photoshop  3D2Dizayn Tutori_2013-12-09_11-33-16-Optimized


2.  Merry Christmas Tree Design Tutorial by Adobe Tutorialz

Learn how to design a fun Christmas tree, perfect for posters, websites and Christmas cards.

Merry Christmas tree design - Google Chrome_2013-12-09_11-34-59-Optimized


3.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Photoshop Tutorial by Graphic Design Class

This easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to recreate Santa’s famous leader with Photoshop.

Graphic Design Intermediate Class - Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer  Christmas Th_2013-12-09_11-36-17-Optimized


4.  Winter Season Photoshop Tutorial by PSD Dude

This unique and creative tutorial shows you how to use Photoshop’s photomanipulation capabilities to create this design.

Winter Season Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial - Photoshop tutorial  PSDDude - G_2013-12-09_11-37-53-Optimized


5.  HDR Christmas Scene Photoshop Tutorial by Thomas Shue Photography

Turn a mundane Christmas scene into a brilliant image with Photoshop’s HDR-mimicking capabilities.

Christmas Photoshop HDR Pro Tutorial  Thomas Shue Photography - Google Chrome_2013-12-09_11-39-29-Optimized

Christmas Photoshop HDR Pro Tutorial  Thomas Shue Photography - Google Chrome_2013-12-09_11-39-24-Optimized


6.  Gingerbread Cookies Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial by TextTuts

For the most delicious fonts you’ll ever use!

Gingerbread Cookies Text Effect  textuts - Google Chrome_2013-12-09_11-41-05-Optimized


7.  Festive Cocktail Photoshop Tutorial by PSD Tuts Plus

Mix up a convincing Christmas cocktail with Photoshop’s 3-D tools. Now, if only you could actually drink it when you’re done!

Create a Festive Cocktail Using Photoshop's 3D Capabilities  Psdtuts  - Google _2013-12-09_11-42-10-Optimized


8.  Christmas Knitted Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial by PSD Dude

Go vintage with this text effect that reminds everyone why we’re glad Aunt Margaret gave up knitting Christmas sweaters.

Santa Hat Knitted Christmas Text Effect in Photoshop - Photoshop tutorial  PSDD_2013-12-09_11-43-37-Optimized


9.  Print-Ready Christmas Postcard Photoshop Tutorial by Bloom Web Design

Photoshop an economical, fast and easy way to send Christmas cheer this year.

Create a Print Ready Festive Postcard in Photoshop - Bloom Web Design - Google C_2013-12-09_11-45-12-Optimized


10.  Snowman Christmas Card Photoshop Tutorial by Adobe Tutorialz

Use Photoshop to design a fun and friendly snowman Christmas card this year.

Creative christmas cards - Google Chrome_2013-12-09_11-46-32-Optimized

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