10 Clients To Find In The Spring

April 4, 2013

For many seasonal businesses, spring marks the beginning of a new year and new revenue.  As a graphic designer or marketer, spring is a prime time to find new clients who depend on seasonal shifts for survival.  If you want to grow your business this spring, focus your efforts on marketing your services to seasonal businesses. See if you can add the following 10 types of businesses to your client stable this spring.

1.  Real estate agency

Though real estate is a year-round industry, home sales pick up in the spring – which means competition for buyers and sellers heats up.  Real estate agencies need great marketing to stay ahead of the game, so you can market your graphic design, web design, and marketing services to help bolster real estate sales.

2.  Golf course

Every golf course has unique features and benefits, but club managers often fail to promote the best of what they have to offer.  You can approach local golf courses and let them know how a revamped website, direct-mail postcard or banner marketing campaign can help them attract more golfers this spring.

3.  Landscapers

Spring is when landscapers, mowers and lawn care professionals schedule the bulk of their summer work.   Find local landscapers and other lawn professionals who need your help to get noticed.


4.  Builders

New home and commercial construction, roofing, and remodeling projects are launched in the spring; it’s not only when the weather is good for building, it’s also when consumers get their tax returns and have extra cash to tackle their big projects.  Builders face severe competition in the marketplace, so hiring you to help them command customer attention represents a wise investment.


5.  Travel agency

Spring is also when many families begin planning their summer vacations, so travel agents are on the lookout for unique ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.  You can help with that.  In fact, any travel or tourism-related business – hotels, resorts, time shares, theme parks and other destinations – represent perfect opportunities to find new clients.


6.  Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars, especially those with outdoor seating, attract more business during the spring and summer months – and also face more competition.  You can help them attract their target patrons and promote special events.


7.  Wedding venue

Spring is the season for wedding service marketing, and many wedding venues, reception halls, and other matrimonial services save the bulk of their marketing budgets for the spring season.  If you’re a graphic designer or marketer, now is the time to cash in.


8.  Marina

When the weather warms, marinas heat up with boat and jet ski rentals plus retail and other services.  If you live near a large lake or popular seaside destination, you can land a big fish by taking on a marina’s marketing campaigns.


9.  Window washer

Window washers enjoy spring sales due to the spring cleaning rush, both residential and commercial.  They need help getting the message out, and you can help them make their special spring promotions reach their target customers loud and clear.


10.  Farmers markets

This might seem like a longshot, but it actually represents a potentially untapped opportunity. Farmers markets are often operated by co-ops that have funds reserved for marketing.  Unfortunately, most limit their marketing to a banner in the park and a newspaper ad.  You can show them the value of a direct-mail marketing campaign and a website to help drive customers to their markets.


Seasonal businesses know they have to market, but they don’t always know how.  What’s more, because they’re so busy in the spring they often don’t have the time it takes to launch a powerful marketing campaign.  Show spring businesses how you can help them yield an excellent return on their investments, and you can grow your business exponentially this spring.

What other businesses should designers and marketers approach in the spring?

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