30 Color Palettes for New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

New Year’s is all about new beginnings and fresh starts, and as such your New Year’s designs should reflect those ideals in color and tone.  Your choice of color palette plays a major role in how your graphic designs are perceived by your target audience.  Color sets the mood, affects emotion and motivates.  If you want to lend a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts for your New Year’s designs, consider using the following 30 color palettes, culled from the ColourLovers community.

1.  A New Beginning by praxicalidocious

Palette  A New Beginning  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-00-41


2.  A Fresh New Start by angelafaye

Palette  a fresh new start  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-02-14


3.  New Beginnings by kaycee

Palette  new beginnings  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-02-54


4.  Fun New Beginning by Chibi Halo

Palette  Fun New Beginning  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-03-58


5.  Renewal by raichu

Palette  renewal  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-04-42


6.  Happy New Beginning by mandolinly

Palette  Happy New Beginning  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-05-21


7.  Make It Yours by Prismatic101

Palette  Make It Yours  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-06-11


8.  Ugly Duckling by nauthentic

Palette  ugly duckling  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-06-52


9.  Starting Fresh by Strawberry House

Palette  Starting Fresh  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-07-33


10.  Bloom and Snow by e-t-i-e-n-n-e

Palette  Bloom and Snow  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-08-12


11.  Fresh New Start by nightbutterfly

Palette  fresh new start  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-09-07


12.  Stop Smoking by c00ki3

Palette  stop smoking  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-09-46


13.  Fast Weight Loss by katri

Palette  fast weight loss  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-10-35


14.  Starting Over by Ramouz

Palette  Starting over  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-11-16


15.  A New Beginning by leslie

Palette  a new beginning.  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-11-55


16.  A New Beginning by Zavo

Palette  A new beginning  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-12-35


17.  Retry by AnythingButOrdinary

Palette  Retry  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-13-15


18.  Let’s Try Again by tvr

Palette  let's try again  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-13-57


19.  Beginning Anew by Epicality

Palette  Beginning Anew  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-14-42


20.  Anew by IshakPasha

Palette  anew  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-15-33


21.  New Beginnings by kaycee

Palette  new beginnings  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-16-08


22.  Calm After The Storm by electrikmonk

Palette  calm after the storm  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-16-45


23.  Make Me Better by volsak

Palette  Make Me Better  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-17-25


24.  Building A Better Me by hueific

Palette  building a better me  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-18-02


25.  Your Happy Choice by avilluk

Palette  your happy choice  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-18-42


26.  Happy New Year by ljoobitza

Palette  Happy New Year!!!  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-19-25


27.  New Year’s Moon by angelafaye

Palette  New Year's moon  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-20-00


28.  Let’s Get It Started by angelafaye

Palette  let's get it started  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-20-37


29.  Colours Fresh by colorballa

Palette  Colours fresh  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-21-13


30.  Chinese New Years by angelafaye

Palette  Chinese New Years  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-10_11-21-58

If you use any of these color palettes in your own designs, be sure to share a link with us in the comments below!



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