3 Custom Printed Sticker Tips

If you really want to push the envelope in small business marketing, then try getting rid of the envelope altogether! To supplement your other marketing tactics, try printing a custom sticker.

Stickers are eye catching and cost effective. You can produce tons of stickers and distribute them at an office, store, event or in the street. A sticker generates great word-of-mouth marketing, as people will pass stickers along to friends and post them in easy-to-see places at work or home.

If you are a graphic designer, a custom-printed sticker is an especially great way to promote your design skills and really stand out from the pack. To get the most out of a promotional sticker, try these three custom sticker printing suggestions:

1. Experiment with custom shapes
With sizes ranging from two inches to up to a foot and a half, the possibilities for custom die-cut stickers are endless. A die is basically, a cookie-cutter for printed materials. You can select from pre-made die shapes or work with a vendor to create your own uniquely shaped sticker die. Remember to think about the purpose of your sticker, if you’d like customers to be able to stick them on a calendar as appointment reminders, then keep them small. If you are going for a bolder, more promotional design then the bigger, the better!

2. Try printing sticker business cards
No one will ever lose your business card again! Well, hopefully that will be the case, if you print business cards as custom die-cut stickers. This is a great way to make an impression on potential clients and customers. Be sure to choose a sticker size and shape that is suggestive of a business card. You can try using a rectangle with one rounded edge, or one cut-out curved edge, to suggest the feeling that the card is peel-able and adhesive. Sticker business cards are guaranteed to make you look creative and to spark conversations.

3. Use stickers to promote landing pages
Stickers can work really well with landing pages. First you’ll need a dedicated landing page URL for prospective clients and customers to visit. Make sure the URL is not just for your homepage, but a special page dedicated to the offer or service that you’ll advertise on the sticker. Then create a sticker that piques people’s interest. Use copy to advertise what you have to offer, for example, “Save 20% on Beauty Supplies” or “Affordable Personal Training.” Then below the copy, show the landing page URL in easy-to-read type. If your URL encompasses an offer in itself, such as www.discountfamilyhaircuts.com, then you can simply print a sticker with the URL or the URL and a related image, in this case, a scissors, a barbershop pole or a can of hairspray. Finally, place your stickers around town, give them out for free, get them circulating and look for an increase in traffic to your URL.


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