Customer Appreciation: Chronicle Books

The problem with selecting Chronicle Books to spotlight is there are so many amazing printing orders from which to choose. That’s because the San Francisco-based independent publisher has a unique form of marketing: It prints promotional business cards with a book cover design on one side and the title and author information on the other. That allows each book’s author to individually promote him- or herself. Here’s a sample of a recent business card printing order for Chronicle Books:

Chronicle Books also practices a more traditional form of postcard marketing, like this:

And this:

From cooking to pop culture and children to fiction, Chronicle Books publishes a variety of books, but one theme is constant: The covers are great! Take a look at these business card marketing tools:

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  1. Brian Morris March 11, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    I’m impressed by Chronicle Books’ diversity in design. With many firms, you can tell they’re particular to a specific style – which can seem stale after so many client projects. Chronicle Books seems to incorporate a variety of styles, either through multiple designers or general design philosophy.

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