How To Design And Print Your Own Wine and Bottle Labels

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If you bottle your own wine, sauces, beer, dressings or other recipes – whether as a small commercial operation or just to show off your secret family recipe – you can make your bottles more attractive by designing and printing your own wine and bottle labels. The following details what you need to know to design and print your own wine and bottle labels.

1.  Start with a free wine and bottle label template

PsPrint offers free wine and bottle label templates to assist you in creating print-ready label artwork. These templates do not include design elements; rather, they’re pre-formatted in the proper size, resolution and color mode; plus, they include helpful guides for safe area, cut lines and bleed lines. Layout and file setup are critical to printing labels that display exactly as intended, so you should take advantage of these free bottle templates to start your design.

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2.  Craft a unique, distinct, and creative label design

Use your favorite graphic design program to develop a design that’s distinctly yours and true to the product you’re bottling, your brand, or even your family. Play with photos, illustrations, filters, styles and typography until you get just the right mix. Feature your brand and any unique selling points prominently – this is particularly important if you want to sell wine, beer and other bottled goods commercially.

You need to differentiate yourself from the competition, create desire for your product and command attention – all from a single label. Study other labels to spark your own inspiration, and take your time with the design process. With a bit of creativity and a purposeful design strategy, you can craft a label that sells your bottled goods for you.

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3.  Print wine and bottle labels

Once you have your design completed in a print-ready file, it’s time to print your wine and bottle labels. Pick a printing stock well-suited to glassware, such as cream-textured parchment stickers. These stickers adhere easily to glass bottles with crack ‘n peel backings; more importantly, they feel good in customers’ hands and lend a sense of premium quality to your bottled goods.

You can print bottle labels in several different sizes; print large labels to command attention, or save money by printing smaller labels such as 1-inch by 2-5/8-inch round stickers, which are printed 60 to a sheet. You should also keep an eye out for printing deals that can save you money on labels – but don’t sacrifice quality for cheap stickers. Instead, print premium-quality wine and bottle labels at discounted prices to get the best of both worlds.

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