Why EDDM Postcards Are Perfect For Local Marketing

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If your small business focuses almost exclusively on local customers EDDM postcards are perfect marketing tools for promoting your products and services. The following details why EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcards are perfect for local marketing.

EDDM postcards are delivered to every address

When your business depends on local customers, it’s critical to ensure every resident or business knows who you are, what you do, and what your unique selling points are. EDDM postcards are delivered to every address within a defined locality, so you can be certain your message is seen.

EDDM postcards can target businesses, residents or both

If your business is exclusively B2B or B2C, EDDM postcards let you target only business or residential addresses, respectively. If you target everyone, you can send EDDM postcards to both business and residential addresses. Moreover, EDDM postcards can deliver extremely targeted messages because you can send low-volume campaigns of just a few hundred postcards. This allows you to take advantage of local images, words and phrases to command attention.

EDDM postcards offer excellent postage rates

Since post offices do not have to sort your postcards according to a typical mailing list, EDDM postcard postage rates are relatively low. Thus, you can send highly targeted postcards at affordable prices – especially since EDDM postcard printing is likewise affordable.

EDDM postcards offer options that allow you to stand out

A great offer is critical to direct-mail success, but getting noticed is the first step. EDDM postcard printing gives you options that can help you stand out from competitors at the mailbox, starting with a choice of six EDDM-compliant postcard sizes ranging from 6.5-inch by 9-inch to 8.5-inch by 14-inch. You can choose between full color and black and white printing. Paper stock choices, which can directly influence how your company is perceived, include gloss, matte, and velvet covers in varying thicknesses up to 16-point. Finally, you can have your EDDM postcards placed in 100-piece bundles for easy postcard delivery.

Every Door Direct Mail postcards were designed specifically to help small businesses connect with local customers with affordable, yet powerful, marketing campaigns. If you want to give your small business a boost, it’s time to launch your first EDDM postcard marketing campaign.


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