10 Tasty Eggnog Package Designs

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Do you get excited about eggnog over the holidays?  If so, you’re not alone: millions of people enjoy the creamy beverage every year, many of them realizing its intoxicating “benefits.”  Many brands compete for a piece of the lucrative eggnog sales pie, and to differentiate themselves (since you can’t taste-test out of the grocer’s refrigeration units) they employ creative package design, such as the 10 eggnog package designs listed below.

1.  Mr. Boston Eggnog

The foil-stamped borders are bright accents for a classic eggnog label with vintage appeal.

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2.  Northern Lights Eggnog

A smooth, modern design that extends from label to bottle is the hallmark of the Northern Lights brand eggnog, which also has a very Christmas-y theme.

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3.  Trader Joe’s Eggnog

An illustrated cow demonstrates eggnog’s dairy origins in this bright, fun design that makes you want to buy.

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4.  Old New England Eggnog

I love this classic, nearly two-toned eggnog label because it looks traditionally distinguished and defined, complete with an antiquated sketch illustration.  I have to admit I was surprised to learn it goes for about $8 a bottle!

Amazon.com Old New England Egg Nog 30@ 750ML Grocery & Gourmet Food - Google C_2012-12-18_13-19-08


5.  Winterhaven Farms Eggnog

A countryside winter scene makes you feel at home, while modern touches such as the line “crammed full of goodness” add a modern flavor you can’t resist.

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6.  Borden Eggnog

One of America’s top beverage and dairy brands pulls you in with an image of an enticing up of eggnog; not bad for your basic supermarket brand.

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7.  Moover’s Premium Eggnog

Santa and his elves make appearances on these creative eggnog package designs.

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8.  Schroeder Eggnog

Clean with plenty of white space, cool colors and a neat play on the text (“nog”), this is the most modern and minimalist design on the list.

Google Image Result for http3.bp.blogspot.com_ZtSNsS-53yQSf_8DJqN4-IAAAAAA_2012-12-18_13-25-01


9.  Southern Comfort Eggnog

Several distillers make their own eggnog, such as Evan Williams and Jim Beam, but this Southern Comfort package design is the best because it retains well-known brand qualities while still promoting its eggnog as a separate and distinct product.

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10.  Sunnyside Farms Eggnog

Another clean, modern, illustrated design; this time a scene any of us could witness from our own backyards. The idea is to make you feel at home, yet trendy; and it works.

Packaging of the World Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery Sunnyside F_2012-12-18_13-29-22


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