How To Find An Eco-Friendly Printer

ecoprintingIs your printing company eco-friendly? How do you know? Does it really matter? If you operate a business, no matter the size it’s a good idea to know whether you’re print marketing and other printed materials are eco-friendly; and if they’re not, you should consider switching to an eco-friendly printing process. The following details why eco-friendly printing is important and how to know if your printer has gone green.

Why it’s important to print eco-friendly marketing materials

Maintaining the environment is the ultimate goal of eco-friendly printing. Without sustainable forests, energy and other resources, the human race risks becoming the catalyst for its own extinction. The good news is the paper industry plants three times more trees than it cuts, and 60 percent of the nation’s printers are powered by on-site renewable energy sources. You can check out Print Is Big for more (perhaps surprising) facts about green printing. The statistics are collective for the entire printing industry, which means you have to conduct further investigation to determine whether your printing company is indeed an eco-friendly printer.

But what if you really don’t care about saving the environment – or, at least you feel your business isn’t responsible for it? There are still very good reasons to print eco-friendly marketing materials.

For example, your customer base by-and-large probably favors eco-friendly business practices; the most fervent won’t hesitate to buy from a competitor if you don’t adhere to a green agenda.

Eco-friendly printing is cheap, so it’s not a budget concern compared to your typical printing. Eco-friendly printing also shortens distribution time and makes for more vibrant marketing materials, covered in the next section. The bottom line is that even if you don’t feel the need to promote a green agenda, eco-friendly printing still has many benefits for your company.

How to tell if your printing company is eco-friendly

Determining whether your printing company offers eco-friendly printing is a simple process. You can check their website or call; either way, you’re looking for the following characteristics:

Recycled paper printing: Your printing company should offer recycled paper (or partially recycled paper for premium printing) as a paper stock option.

Soy-based inks: Traditional petroleum-based inks release high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. Soy-based inks (or soy inks) emit far fewer VOCs; plus, they’re more vibrant which makes your marketing materials more attractive.

Paper waste recycling: Your printing company should practice paper waste recycling, so their own waste isn’t thrown into the garbage but rather reused to make new, recycled paper.

Multiple distribution points: Multiple distribution points not only shorten the time it takes to receive your print marketing products, it also vastly reduces emissions associated with shipping.

Eco-friendly dedication: A stated dedication to eco-friendly printing practices is paramount to selecting a printing company. Such dedication means your printer not only adheres to contemporary green printing practices, but is ready to adopt new environmentally friendly printing technologies as they become available.


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