10 Free Premium Letterhead Templates

At first glance letterhead designs seems simple, but don’t let the absence of body copy fool you.  Seasoned graphic designers know that the simpler the design, the more creative you need to be in order to make your letterhead compelling and memorable.  Framing content in design is made more difficult when you don’t know what the message will be; thus, your letterhead design must be generic enough to visually complement any type of communication, yet powerful enough to promote your company and brand.

When deadlines loom you can get a head start on your layout with free letterhead templates, which allow you to focus on your design rather than page setup.  Craft compelling letterhead designs by starting with the following 10 free premium letterhead templates.

1. Free Letterhead Photoshop Template

This colorful letterhead template comes as part of a free premium download package that includes a business card and CD/DVD label.  All files are in PSD format so you can easily make edits in Photoshop.

Complete Identity PSD Pack 3  Free PSD Files - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_08-36-16


2. Free Professional Letterhead Template

Download this free professional letterhead template from StockLayouts.  The download package also includes a business card and matching envelope.

Free Letterhead Template Download  Letterhead Examples - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_08-38-30


3. Free Colorful Letterhead Template

This free letterhead template incorporates soft colors in a linear design to convey security and power.  The letterhead is in DOC format, but the graphics are PSD so you can customize the design to suit your brand.

Free Airline Letterhead Template - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_08-40-41


4. Corporate Identity PSD Pack

This corporate identity template pack includes a free letterhead template and matching business card and envelope, all in PSD format.

Corporate Identity PSD Pack  Free PSD Files - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_08-46-41


5. Professional Identity Kit

This modern professional identity kit includes a free letterhead template along with free templates for a business card, envelope and CD/DVD label.  All files are in PSD so you can easily edit the templates in Photoshop.



6. Splash of Color Letterhead Template

Download this free letterhead template to give your design a splash of color with an angled header and footer.  The letterhead is in a DOC file with PSD images for easy editing.

Free Color Letterhead Template - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_08-50-51


7. Corporate Identity Pack with T-Shirt Design

This unique corporate identity pack features a free letterhead template, business card and T-shirt template.  All files are in print-ready PSD format.

Corporate Identity PSD Pack 2  Free PSD Files - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_09-01-12


8. Free Professional Letterhead PSD Pack

This free letterhead template pack from Techirsh features four different-colored templates so you can match your brand.  If the included colors won’t work, the files are in PSD format so you can quickly add your own colors.

Professional Letterhead Download Free PSD File  Tech Irsh - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_09-02-50


9. Free Orange Wave Letterhead Template

Download this sleek, modern, “orange wave” letterhead template.  It comes as a DOC file with PSD graphics for quick editing.  Don’t like orange?  Use Photoshop’s blending options to customize the header and footer.

Free Curved Letterhead Template - Google Chrome_2013-03-18_09-04-54


10. Free Illustrator Letterhead Template 3-Pack

This pack of free Illustrator letterhead templates includes three letterhead designs with matching business cards.



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  1. Tashinga May 30, 2013 at 2:19 am #

    Lakker set. I’m loving your designs.

  2. Brian Morris May 31, 2013 at 6:56 am #

    Great stuff, isn’t it, Tashinga? Thanks for posting!

  3. Daniel Brady March 31, 2015 at 10:34 am #

    Hi Brian,

    I’m the author of 3 of those designs from Think Stationery. It would be really awesome of you could make the links dofollow.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Brian Morris April 6, 2015 at 4:14 am #

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