10 New Graphic Design Freebies for July

It’s time for another roundup of outstanding graphic design freebies you can download for use in your own designs: postcards, posters, brochures, business cards, websites, ads and more. Here are the latest and greatest graphic design freebies.

1.  Free resume template

This free resume template was designed by a graphic designer for graphic designers. It incorporates visuals to make relevant points about your value as an employee, and its unique sizing and shaped stand out from a sea of competitors.

Just Creative Ideas - Google Chrome_2013-06-20_08-06-34-OptimizedJust Creative Ideas - Google Chrome_2013-06-20_08-06-22-Optimized


2.  Poster, flyer, and logo fonts

This compendium features 30 free fonts, each hand-picked as an excellent typeface for posters, flyers and logos.

30 Free Fonts, Best for Posters, Flyers and Logo Designs - Google Chrome_2013-06-20_08-18-22-Optimized


3.  Free pack of 14 high-quality photo effects

If you’re trying to achieve the perfect look for your photos, try one of these free high-quality effects:  red haze, winter gray, action movie, Schindler, retro camera, split toning, summer sunset, Hollywood Boulevard, vogue fashion, strawberries and cream, country classic, vintage chic, bleached, and forest light.

Free Pack of 14 Quality Photo Effect Photoshop Actions - Google Chrome_2013-06-20_08-25-58-Optimized


4.  Free modern brochure design template

Quickly customize this brochure template and make it your own without sacrificing professional design quality.

Free Modern Tri-Fold Brochure Design Template - Google Chrome_2013-06-20_08-28-10-Optimized


5.  Free colorful grunge textures

Give your grunge design the full-color treatment with this collection of 25 free colorful grunge textures.



6.  TF3DM

Ever need some great 3-D modeling subjects? How about trees, buildings, even helicopters?  Check out this resource, chock full of 3-D modeling graphics.  The site isn’t brand-new, but new graphics are added all the time.

TF3DM - a bunch of 3d models - Google Chrome_2013-06-20_08-32-59-Optimized


7.  20 free smoke brush sets

Want to add some smoke and fire to heat up your designs? Start with this collection of 20 free smoke and fire Photoshop brushes.



8.  Tree branch Photoshop brushes

If your landscape could use a few looming tree branches, look no further than this collection of tree branch Photoshop brushes.



9.  Photoshop wing brushes

Add wings to logos, mythical beasts or plain old birds with this collection of free wing brushes for Photoshop.



10.  Free flying bird brushes

One more set of free Photoshop brushes: birds. Recreate your favorite Hitchcock moment or add a few soaring seagulls to your skyline with this free brush pack.


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