Holiday Card Trends: Flat or Folded?

Whether you choose flat or folded holiday cards, you can browse in PsPrint's design gallery and customize your holiday cards.

Whether you choose flat or folded holiday cards, you can browse through PsPrint’s design gallery and customize your holiday cards.

Contemporary holiday card printing allows anyone to affordably craft a custom holiday card design to send season’s greetings to friends and family. You can print both flat and folded holiday cards, and a Google Image search for the most recently indexed holiday cards reveal both types are popular. Still, flat holiday cards are a relatively new trend, which begs the question: should you print flat or folded holiday cards?

Folded holiday cards are more traditional, and in my opinion are more elegant and meaningful. I find flat holiday cards to be more modern and fun. You can also print flat holiday cards that are scored, which allow you to make perfect folds on your own. This comes in handy if you’re going to run your greeting cards through a desktop printer with variable data (so you can type your individual sentiments).

Flat holiday cards printed without scores can be turned into postcards, which saves money spent on envelopes. You could even have your greeting cards printed, addressed and sent to a mailing list directly from your online printing company.

Regardless of its fold (or lack thereof), one of the most popular trends today is printing holiday photo cards. Family pictures can be placed on both flat and folded cards. Businesses can print a photo of their staff members on their greeting cards, or mail holiday cards for marketing purposes. Others get creative, printing photos of pets and memorable past holiday moments on their holiday cards.

The choice between flat and folded holiday cards depends on personal preference. Which would you rather send to your loved ones? Does your design feature a traditional or modern theme? Does that even matter?

Ultimately, your recipients will appreciate the sentiment regardless of which type of holiday card you print this year. Still, I’d like your opinion: which do you prefer, flat or folded holiday cards?

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