How to make the most of your money

I have repeatedly said that you have to be prudent in these economic times, but have to continue to spend money on your printed advertising. You have to learn how to get the best return on investment possible. Well, how do you do that? It is easy to do. You already have a customer tracking system in place, even if it is in your head. Short run, focused print ad campaigns are the way to go.

These focused campaigns may be hard for the shop down the street to produce in an economic fashion, but online printing companies are able to serve your needs. Small runs of 50 can meet your needs. Focus on three or four products that a subset of your customers need. Mail to them, then focus on another subset. Evaluate your inventory. What do you have a large amount of and what price can you dump it for? The big bargain will sell items to customers that they may not need right now, but will next year. Let the customer have it on hand when inventory taxes come around. A discount and tax savings in one package meets both of your needs.

How are you trimming the fat in the current economy?

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