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Ethics and innovation spur business.

Ethics and innovation spur business.

Do you want to boost your business, starting today?  It’s not hard to do, given all the free information available to help you identify the things customers really want.  Customer service and innovation are perhaps the two most important pieces of the puzzle, and you can find inspiration for satisfying both demands rather easily.

Take the Sterling Commerce consumer survey results, which clearly demonstrate consumer trends and the values consumers hold close to heart.  If you’re not sure which direction your business should be taking in 2009, this survey is enlightening.

Innovation is likewise important.  I’m not necessarily talking about product innovation, either.  For innovative inspiration, check out Ethisphere’s “Top 100 People In Business Ethics” list, where you’ll learn about how Waste Management CEO David Steiner went green; how Costco CEO Jim Senegal changed the shape of cashew containers so they would be easier to stack; and how Sven Holmes revitalized corporate compliance as executive vice chair legal and compliance for KPMG.

These are not only product or service innovations; they are innovations in humanity and morality.  These concepts spread throughout an organization, from the CEO to the entry-level assistant; and attitudes are passed on to customers.

Ask yourself:  Could you vamp up your customer service?  Could you be more ethical in your business dealings?  What can you do in 2009 to help your customers get what they need most?

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