Judging Wine By Its Label Is Good For Business

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They say you should never judge a book by its cover, and by that same notion one might say you should never judge wine by its label. Certainly, the label design and the quality of the label printing have nothing to do with the quality of the wine inside the bottle – or do they?

Consider that the vast majority of people are not oenophiles – how do you think, then, most people pick a wine to take home from the supermarket? The label. The fact is, no matter how much importance a connoisseur might put on a specific style or vintage, the label is going to have far more to do with sales than anything else.

“Sure,” you think, “those with untrained palettes and those who lack appreciation for fine wine might be fooled; but a true connoisseur knows better.”

Think again. In a study in which professional wine tasters were presented with the same exact wine bearing two different labels – one claiming to be a superior wine, the other a run-of-the-mill table wine – the tasters overwhelmingly applauded the “superior” wine while finding fault in the “inferior” wine. You see, the label not only affects purchasing decisions, it also influences how the wine itself is perceived!

When it comes to marketing, perception is absolutely critical to success. In fact, perception rules business: the better a company, brand, product or service is perceived, the greater its chance of success. It doesn’t matter if another company is actually better – what matters is what people think.

The same goes for wine: it doesn’t matter how good your wine is. If you want it to be a commercial success, you need to influence its perception. And that starts with printing a great label. You don’t have to like it. You don’t even have to agree with your customers. But you do have to understand that your customers are in charge of your success, and they do indeed judge wine by its label.

Judging wine by its label is good for business, and knowing customers do it presents an incredible opportunity for you to boost sales: simply print attention-getting labels that give your wine a premium aura, and you’re well on your way to achieving success no matter the vintage.

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