What Kind of Product Label Should You Print?


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Your product label design can play a major role in how well your retail products sell. Every retailer knows that; however, your choice of product label stock can likewise dictate how well your product sells. Don’t underestimate how label stock affects your design, especially the vibrance of your colors. Moreover, it’s important to choose the right product label for your product or packaging surface (plastic, glass, paper, etc.) and environment (indoor/outdoor) to ensure proper adhesion and label longevity for long-term branding. The following lists three popular types of product label stocks and when each is appropriate for use.

1.  Gloss sticker paper

Gloss sticker paper is a good stock for all-purpose labels.  It adheres well to many surfaces, including paper, plastics, glass, film and painted metals. Gloss sticker paper is intended for indoor use and does not perform well in outdoor environments. It features a smooth finish, crack-and-peel backing for easy application, and an attractive sheen.

2.  Vinyl sticker paper

Vinyl sticker paper is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications and is often used to print bumper stickers, signs, and, of course, product labels. It’s a popular choice for any product that might face the elements, from outdoor products to bottles that might sweat. A UV coating is applied to vinyl sticker paper for added color vibrance and to better protect the paper.

3.  Clear polyester sticker paper

As its name implies, polyester sticker paper is transparent – which makes it perfect for see-through product labels. Equally applicable in both indoor and outdoor environments, clear polyester sticker paper is an excellent choice for many types of products and adheres well to glass, rigid plastics, film, and painted metals. Like vinyl sticker paper, polyester sticker paper features a glossy UV coating for color brilliance and longevity.

Ultimately, your product or product packaging, as well as its use, will determine which kind of product label you should print. Choose wisely, and your product label will not only help motivate sales, it will remain in place to help brand your company while your products are in use.

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