Hot Off the Press: Marin Humane Society, Sure Skateboards and More

How often have you heard someone claim they’re not affected by advertising, or that they ignore commercials and think society is too consumer-oriented? All of that is certainly debatable, but working here at PsPrint, I see marketing all day, and some of it I just love – the design, the message, the product, all of it. This week’s collection of inspirational printing orders contains promo pieces that a curmudgeon would love, from Lindsey Campbell Design’s whimsical dental practice business card to Marin Humane Society’s Woodstock-esque postcard handout to Rob Rodrigues’ sticker design advocating skateboarding’s “zero emissions.” All these examples of promotional printing are – especially in the case of the cinnamon rolls on Mariposa Baking’s postcard – a feast for the eyes. And isn’t that the point of marketing – to attract attention?

“Hot Off the Print” is on a roll these days with amazing art and design – take a look at last week’s edition, which spotlighted wall-worthy poster marketing.

Postcard for Marin Humane Society


Back of business card by Lindsey Campbell Design for Kettle Falls Family Dentistry


Sticker design by Rob Rodrigues for Sure Skateboards


Postcard design by Charlotte Manetta for Mariposa Baking Co.


Brochure cover design by Deborah Kekone for the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Greater Los Angeles


Postcard by illustrator-author Bryan Langdo


Sticker design by Brian Meredith for The Comic Stop


Club card flyer design by Kelvin Ming Young for Oakland Pride


Business card design by Katie Knowles for Iceland


Postcard design by Sharmila Guha for The Studios at Piedmont Piano Co.


Sticker for Midwest Brewers Fest


Business card design by Caleb Barton for Street Factory Media


Postcard design by Casey Weldon for Lil Bub show at Spoke Art Gallery


Sticker design by Scott Kaven for Firetrucker Brewery


Greeting card cover design by The Impact Partnership for Wessex


Postcard art by Tiffani Taylor


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