More open source design software

Ahh … the joys of open source. I mentioned a few open source design programs in a previous post. Here are a few more:

Blender — “3-D modeling, animation, game development in a free open source content creation suite.” A whole lot of fun to play with, Blender is robust enough to use professionally.

SynFig — A popular 2-D animation software. Open source, of course.

Kompozer — I’ve written about the NVU open source WYSIWYG editor before. Kompozer is the self-proclaimed “unofficial NVU bug-fix release.” Simply stated, NVU, but better.

Gimpshop — I’ve also written about GIMP, the open source photo editor before. Gimpshop is a third-party hack that makes GIMP’s tool layout and naming conventions very similar to Photoshop’s, so Adobe Photoshop users feel more at home.

DigiKam — A neat photo management open source software package that helps you keep your images organized.

What open source software have you used? Can you offer any reviews?

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