10 New Color Palettes To Ring In The New Year

Looking for some fresh new color palettes to freshen your designs for the New Year?  Look no further than the following 10 new color palettes, hand-picked from Colour Lover’s “Trends”, which features the newest trending color palettes for graphic designers.

1.  Bert Monroy

The color scheme for digital photographer Bert Monroy’s website features elegant shades of gray contrasted by a warm maroon.

Trend  Bert Monroy  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_13-57-18


2.  Federated Media Publishing

Subdued pastels harmonize in this color palette; the muted tones allow the company to draw attention to their logo  (a bright red) and anything else they’d like.

Trend  Federated Media Publishing  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_13-58-45


3.  Floral Much? by Bri Emery

This color palette breathes new life into floral patterns and websites, brochures and other marketing tools that have a floral theme.

Trend  Floral Much  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-00-19


4.  Cozy Inspiration Shoot by Jose Villa

This color palette was created for a wedding theme, and features bold, powerful blues contrasted with softer hues for an elegant and meaningful – almost royal –  appearance.

Trend  Cozy Inspiration Shoot  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-01-27


5.  Baby’s First Ornament by All Events

Warm wines, reds and even a hint of pink make this a well-rounded color palette.  It’s based off a baby ornament, but it also look great on brand collateral, websites, posters and more.

Trend  Baby's First Ornament  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-02-46


6.  The Cheaper Show

Fun, obscure and even a bit odd, this color palette is perfect for curiosities and commanding attention.

Trend  The Cheaper Show  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-04-28


7.  Banner Illustration

This color palette is based off a modern web banner illustration, complete with rich, elegant colors and associated shading.

Trend  Banner Illustration  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-05-37


8.  MildBreeze

This three-toned palette is based on the logo for MildBreeze, which features three different blues.

Trend  Mild Breeze  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-06-44


9.  Art Attack! by Paul Frank

This simple three-hued palette displays the fun in bright contrast, which would be a welcome site against so many artistically brooding websites and other designs today.

Trend  Art Attack - Paul Frank  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-08-12


10.  Stephen Caver

This palette is based on the colors Stephen Caver, designer-developer, used for his own website.

Trend  Stephen Caver  COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2012-12-18_14-09-24


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