10 New and Free Business Card PSDs

Despite the digital age, or perhaps in spite of it, business cards are ubiquitous in the professional world. No amount of emails, SEO or LinkedIn can replace face-to-face networking, and so business cards remain the single most powerful marketing tools you can print. The transfer of business cards between new business colleagues represents a potential business relationship – and a potential personal relationship, because we do business with the people we like.

Business owners, marketers and graphic designers – amateurs and professionals alike – can benefit from the use of free business card PSDs. They save time and money, and make it quick and easy to place your logo, name and contact information on a professional layout. With limited knowledge, even a novice Photoshop user can swap a few colors out to give a business card PSD template a full-fledged branded appeal.

The best business card PSDs are often the latest and greatest, because they feature the most modern, cutting-edge designs. Thus, I present 10 new and free business card PSDs you can download and use for your company today.

1.  Clean Minimal Business Card Template by Land of the Web

Freebie Clean Minimal Business Card PSD Template - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_13-59-22-Optimized


2.  Flat Business Card Design Template PSD by Al Rayhan on Daily Free PSD

Flat Mockup Business Card Design Template PSDFree PSD,Vector,Icons,Graphics - Go_2013-10-31_14-32-45-Optimized


3.  Free Rounded Corner PSD Template from PSD Folder

Free Rounded Corner Business Card Design  PSDFolder - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-34-03-Optimized


4.  Free Business Card PSD Template by IceFlow Studios

Business Card Display PSD Template - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-34-54-Optimized


5.  Four Color Business Cards PSD by Axelldotcom on GFXNerds

4 Colors Business Card Mockup Psd - Psd Files - GFXNERDS - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-46-09-Optimized


6.  Elegant Business Cards Template PSD on Graphic Burger

Business Card PSD Template #1  GraphicBurger - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-46-36-Optimized


7.  Minimal Chocolate Business Card PSD by elemis design

Freepik  Brown Business Card  Download free Photos - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-47-56-Optimized


8.  Illustrated Business Card PSD with Alternative Back Design by elemis design

Business Card - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-49-05-Optimized


9.  Clean PSD Business Card Design on PSD Boom

Free Business Card PSD Mock-up  PSDboom - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-50-15-Optimized


10.  Page Curl Business Card PSD by elemis design

Page Curl Business Card - Google Chrome_2013-10-31_14-51-04-Optimized

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