Oh, the wonderful things you can do in your garage

If your business is based on a remote communications model, you don’t need the extra expense of setting up shop in a downtown suite. Freelance graphic designers, web developers, writers, print brokers, accountants, and other professionals can set up shop right in their own garages and make just as much money as any downtown firm — and perhaps even more with minimal overhead.

Think you can’t turn a garage business into a multi-million dollar company? Ask Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, who decided to “make a go” at business out of a Palo Alto garage some eight decades ago.

Or how about international shoe company Holeys, started in a Vancouver garage in 2002? Maybe you’ve heard of a “little” company called Apple, which started in Steve Wozniack’s garage. And as a child, you perhaps played with Mattel toys such as Barbie, which also started in a garage.

How can you argue with that? Here’s a neat page I found with links for converting your garage to an office, and to companies that can do it for you.

Are you wasting your garage space? Have you converted your garage to an office? Tell me about it!

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