5 Reasons to Print Calendars for the New Year

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Calendar printing is one of the best ways you can market your business to a highly targeted customer base year round.  If you don’t print calendars to give to your customers, you’re missing out on an easy opportunity to make sure your marketing message is noticed every day of the year.  The following lists the 5 best reasons to print calendars for the New Year.

1.  Cheap Marketing

Calendars represent some of the cheapest marketing you can invest in.  Even though the initial investment might seem prohibitive to some small businesses, the fact that calendars are used year round means your cost to market to each person, per day, is exceedingly low.  It’s even lower when you print calendars right before the New Year, because you can take advantage of online calendar printing discounts.

Let’s say you print 1,000 calendars for about $2,100, or $2.10 each, and you distribute those calendars to your targeted customer base.  Assuming just one person looks at each calendar every day (in fact, it’s probably more, given that entire families look at the same calendars), then your investment to reach each customer per day is about half a penny.  I challenge you to find a cheaper marketing tool.

2.  Calendars Have Value

Customers appreciate calendars.  They value them.  They use them.  That means your calendars won’t be thrown in the trash or on an inbox pile – they’ll be prominently hung, referenced, jotted on, enjoyed, especially when you print calendars that feature images your customers love.

3.  Solidarity

Calendars are one of the best tools you can employ for generating a sense of solidarity with your customers.  One of my favorite examples is a calendar for a pet store that features different dog breeds.  Since the pet store’s customers love dogs, they’ll be apt to use the calendar, and it will reinforce the idea that the customer and pet store share ideals and values.  In this manner, you can establish common ground that lends itself to long-term customer loyalty.

4.  Brand Power

By placing your logo, colors and general brand image on every calendar page, your company can become a household name with your target customers; all from printing a single calendar.

5.  Direct Marketing

Many companies that print calendars don’t take advantage of the direct marketing opportunities this medium offers.  You can come up with different specials and deals for every day, week, month or season for year-round promotion on your calendars.

Calendar printing is cheap, easy and powerful.  If you want to increase sales year-round, invest in calendar printing before the New Year to ensure your customers see your message every single day.

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