Mother Nature series No. 1: Designs from the sea

I’ve decided to do a series of posts heralding the awesome designs crafted by Mother Nature, beginning with designs from the sea. Be inspired, my friends.


Ever swim into the wrong place at the wrong time? So has this fish. Despite the event that is likely about to transpire, this purple-hued jellyfish is majestic.  Image use CC Flickr.


This fiddler crab has taken Design Marketing 101. He wants you to see his enormously large claw, so it is bright yellow in contrast to the otherwise drab environment.   Image use CC Flickr.


I like how the blue spots on this appropriately named blue-spotted stingray seem to jump right out of the screen. A captivating design technique indeed!  Image use CC Flickr.


I love sea slugs. This one is called a Spanish shawl. It looks like one of those gelatinous sticky strips you can get for a quarter out of supermarket toy machines.   Image use CC Flickr.


Did I mention that I love sea slugs? This Ardeadoris egretta reminds me of velvety peaches ‘n’ cream ice cream. Not that I would eat a sea slug. I wonder if they taste anything like sea cucumbers…  Image use CC Flickr.

For more striking under-the-sea photos, check out National Geographic’s underwater image gallery.

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